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‘Problems in Instructional Television in Latin America'
John Tiffin

John Tiffin’s doctoral dissertation: ‘Problems in Instructional Television in Latin America’ addressed the question as to why ETV was not the solution to the problems faced by educators in developing countries. It established a series of interlinked problems which were critical in the sense that unless they were resolved ETV would not prove effective. It introduced the technique of ‘Critical Problem Analysis’ which is now more widely known as ‘Problematique.’ It is possible that e-Learning could prove to be another ETV and could benefit from the application of such analysis.

The dissertation was published in English, Spanish and French in a special edition of the Latin American research Journal ‘Revista de Tecnologia Educativa’-Vol 4 no 2 1978 and later in Portuguese in "Problemas Criticos em sistemas de Televisao Educativa" (1979) PRONTEL, Rio de Janeiro.

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